Pawleys Island Weather Policy

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Bad Weather Policy

The Lachicotte Company is in touch with owners and renters via email and phone to follow through with outlined procedures and notify, as possible, what precautions to take.

When hurricanes threaten our coast, it is imperative that you adhere to instructions of The Lachicotte Company and local authorities. When time permits, each vacation rental unit will receive a call of what to do. The Lachicotte Company's policies are as follows:

When a hurricane watch is issued, you should begin preparation for possible evacuation. The Lachicotte Company will monitor the storm along with local authorities and The National Hurricane Center. When probability of a hit becomes likely to our beaches, the Governor of South Carolina will issue a mandatory evacuation. Evacuation is required whenever a mandatory evacuation is issued by Georgetown County officials. Police will direct traffic to the quickest and safest evacuation route. Prior to leaving the property, complete the "Hurricane Preparation Checklist" which includes:

• Mandatory evacuation within 2 hours and returning keys to The Lachicotte Company.
• Tightly lock and secure all windows.
• Put outside trash cans in shower/storage area.
• Unplug all appliances, TVs, stereos, etc.
• Close all blinds.
• Lock all doors and tightly latch the screen door (if applicable).
• Remove all personal belongings from the rental property.

Your help in completing this preparation is needed and is greatly appreciated by the property owner and by The Lachicotte Company. Upon leaving the island, you may either stay at a motel inland or return home. Keep in mind that the first people to evacuate will get the closest motel rooms and avoid traffic tie-ups. After the storm passes, you may call our office or local authorities to see if you may return. If so, we're glad to have you come back and enjoy the rest of you vacation. During periods of evacuation, you may call The Lachicotte Company main office at 1-800-422-4777 for frequent updates of storm information. You must pick up your keys at the office if you are allowed to return. There will be no refunds given due to storm evacuation. Whether you own property, run a business, or rent a unit on the South Carolina coast, the threat of a hurricane is always present; we all must be prepared for this risk.

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