Owner FAQ

Our expert Property Management team has 25+ years experience in the Pawleys Island market and is ready to answer any questions you may have. Our goal is to help you increase your revenue and meet your invest goals.


The Lachicotte Company
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What is the Property Management fee?

Our property management fee is 15%.

What does fee include?

Our expertise in managing, marketing, accounting, overseeing maintenance and exceeding the owners goals in collecting rental income. We negotiate bundle packages for Cable, WiFi, Telephone, Pest Control, HVAC, and garbage collection.

How do I collect my income?

Owner statements are distributed monthly detailing rental income which is then direct deposited into the owner's bank account.

Who pays for linens and house cleaning?

The guest pays for each departure cleaning and linens are an optional add on purchased by the guest prior to arrival.

Does owner deal with guest?

No. All guests will deal directly with The Lachicotte Company's Vacation and Property Management staff.

What is the process in the event of an approaching storms?

When there is an approaching storm, we will remove all items from the porches and cut off water and power sources to house. Windows will be boarded if the house has the materials available.

How is the owners time at the home determined?

Owners have first rights each year on selecting any time they want to block the house. Each owner is issued access to the owner login portal and can block out their own time, as well as, review current reservations, and retrieve owner statements.