Road Trip Hacks

Posted on 09/30/2015

Each year, the majority of our renters drive to the area. Weather the drive is 5 hours or 20 below are some tips.

- Cool your hot car by rolling down one window, then walk to the other side and open and close the door multiple times.

- Use a rubber band as a phone holder.

- Exit signs are positioned depending on which side the exit is.

- Cereal boxes made a great trash can.

- If you a driving a unfamiliar car, the arrow next to the gas pump shows which side of the car the gas tank is on.

- Dryer sheets make a great air freshener.

- When getting gas, hold the trigger halfway. You will get less air in the tank and more gas.

- If in a traffic jam, pay attention to which lane the 18 wheelers are using.  They communicate with each other to know which lanes to avoid.

- Clear nail polish can fix scratches.

- Turning your steering wheel 180 degrees when parked, keeps the top from being burning hot when you return.

- Parking someplace unfamiliar? Drop a pin on your phone map.

- Mesh bungee can be used as a coat hanger.

- Shower caddys can hold oil and other liquids that you need for the trip.

- If you need repairs on the road and worry about getting conned. Ask about a part of the car that you know is in good shape.

- If under 25, you can get the rental car surcharge fee waived by registering for a USAA membership.

- Keep an emergency kit in your trunk.

- Bring an inflatable pool floatie if you need a bed.

- If a truck suddenly slows down, you should too. Truckers communicate speed traps.

- Don't change lanes during a traffic jam. Studies show you will not get out any faster. You will though increase your chance of getting into a accident.

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