Packing for your beach vacation

Posted on 02/13/2015

Spending a week at Pawleys is fun and relaxing but before you can arrive you must pack. When packing some of us simply need help. You may over pack, run out of room or make a mess. The below tips will help you out.

 Place skincare products in straws

 Place wine bottles inside pool floaties

 Roll don’t fold to decrease size and wrinkles.

 You can use empty chap stick containers to hide valuables

 Keep your earphones untangled with binders.

 Pot holders can be used as heat-proof holders for hair accessories.

 Place shoes in a shower cap to keep the dirt and sand off your clothes while in your suite case

 Place a cotton pad or ball on top of your powdered makeup to keep it from smashing. 

 Place your blazer inside-out to keep it from wrinkling.

 Keep your razor head secure with a binder clip.

 Store liquid makeup inside contact cases. Be sure to label the case so it is not used for anything else.

 You can keep jewelry tangled free with Press'n Seal or store in a pill case.

 Store hair pins inside old Tic-Tac cases

 Keep your shirt collar stiff with your belt.

 Save room by leaving your speakers at home. You can place your iPhone inside a cup for makeshift speakers.

 Tea containers can hold anything from a small travel medical kit to hair ties.

 Store loose cables in an old sunglasses case.

 Use old easter egg containers to hold headbands and hair ties

 Place plastic wrap over bottles to keep them from leaking.

 For the car ride, place kids snacks in a art supply box

 Protect your clothes from travel stink.with dyer sheet


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