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Posted on 06/18/2015

Chicken Pilau

You'll Need:

- 1LB. Bacon

- 1 EA. Large onion chopped

- 2LBS. Of your favorite sausage - I use Smoked Hillshire in the yellow package

- 1 EA. 10LB bag of chicken leg quartes / use whole chicken if you like

- Long grain rice - Your choice, I use blue ribbon

- Chicken Broth

- Salt & Pepper


- Cut bacon into 3" strips

- Cut sausage into 1/4's ( I cut sausage long ways in half then cut into 1/4's)

- Chop onions small

- In cast iron pot put some oil in bottom so bacon won't stick ( Your choice of oil, I use olive oil) 

- Fry bacon

- When finshed cooking, remove bacon

- Brown sausage

- Add onions and cook them until soft

- Add water until pot is 3/4 full 

- Add salt and pepper water to taste

- Add chicken after washed

- Bring to boil with lid cracked so water wont boil over. If it does, take some water out

- Cook until chicken is falling off bone

- Remove chicken and remove bones and fat

- Put chicken bak in pot

- Add one or two boxes of chicken broth

- Bring back to boil

- Taste water to see if salt and pepper is needed ( This is how your pilau will taste)

- When boiling, put rice in until you have 1 inch of water over rice everywhere

- Put lid on tight and cut to low until rice is done ( In about an hour ) 

- Enjoy!

Courtesy of Macahiah Williams ( Realtor and Owner of Krazy K's BBQ) 



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