Beach safety tips

Posted on 06/23/2014

While nothing beats a day at the beach, the truth is, the beach can be dangerous. To ensure you and your family have a great time and no one gets hurts, follow the below tips.

- Inexperienced swimmers and young swimmer should wear a US Coast Guard approved life jacket. 

- If the beach has a life guard, swim near the lifeguard and with a buddy.

- Use sunscreen.

- Drink lots of water. Also do not mix swimming and alcohol. 

- Know what the flags mean and obey the signs.

    A)Red flags indicate strong surf and currents 

    B) Yellow flags indicate moderate surf and currents 

    C) Green flags indicate the ocean is calm or clear

    D) Blue or purple flags often indicate that potentially dangerous marine life (think sharks or jellyfish) are in the area or have been spotted nearby. 

- Check the weather. Wait 30 minutes after the last thunder boom to head to the beach.

- Never turn your back to the waves.

- Pay attention while walking for holes dug by children. 

- Rip Currents 

                      Do not fight the current.

- Jellyfish are common but are rarely serious. They might require first aid treatment.

- Watch small children closely.

- Leash your boogie board or surfboard.


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