First-Time Home Buyers To-Do List

Posted on 10/07/2015

Are you ready to stop renting and buy your first home ? Did you know that often your mortgage is less than your monthly rent.  Here is a to-do list to help you take the plunge.

1. Save: You will need money for the down payment, closing cost and escrow for taxes and insurance.

2. Improve Credit Score: The higher your credit score, the lower your interest rate. To help your credit score pay bills on time, do not cancel any credit cards and avoid major purchases.

3. Calculate Your Budget 

4. Get Preapproved For A Mortgage: Shop around for the best deal. Chose a primary and backup lender.

5. Decide What You Want In A Home: Make a list, include must haves and preferences.

6. Choose A Realtor: Be sure to interview several  different agents. You do not have to use the agent on the listing that you like.

7. Visit Homes: Take photos, make notes, and use a checklist.

8. Narrow Down Your Choices: Visit the home during different hours of the day, test your commute and consider resale value.

9. Place A Offer

10. Schedule The Home Inspection

11. Final Walk-through: Check for doors and windows that do not work, test light switches sockets and test toilets, faucets and drains.

The above list is meant as a general guideline please contact us or your Realtor for more information.


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