Before Moving Into a New Home

Posted on 08/20/2015

Moving into a new home is exciting but also a lot of work. If you are lucky your old place will be available for at least a couple days after your new place is available.  This will allow you to take your time packing and moving. Even if you do not have this luxury it is still recommended you do the following before settling into your new home.

Change the locks: You do not know who the previous owners gave keys too.  Changing the locks guarantees you're the only person who has access.  You can install new deadbolts yourself for $10 or call a locksmith. If you choose to install yourself, there are helpful videos on YouTube

Look for plumbing leaks: Before closing, the home inspector should do this but it is always a good idea to double check.  You can check for leaks by checking the water meter at the beginning and end of an 2hr window in which no one used water. If the meter is different, you  have a leak.

Steam clean carpets: Before moving in your furniture pay an professional to carpet clean or rent a steam cleaner for a day. Doing this will ensure that your home is fresh, clean, and sanitized from the start.

Wipe out cabinets: Before placing your dishes and supplies in cabinets be sure to wipe inside and out. Replace contact paper if necessary. 

Eliminate critters: Bugs are common in the south. There are numerous DIY ways to get rid of bugs or call a pest removal service. 

Find the circuit breaker box and main water valve:  It is recommended that you figure out which fuses control what part of the home and label it. This task takes two people. You want to know how to turn off your main water valve before you have a plumbing emergency. Locate the valve ( could be inside or outside) and turn until it is off. Test faucet to see if any water comes out.

Paint: It is a lot easier to paint a empty home than a full one.

Drive around the neighborhood: If you are moving to a brand new area, drive around to familiarize yourself with the area.  Find the grocery store, post office, bank and etc. 

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