How to keep your home cool and your energy bill low this summer

Posted on 07/27/2015

In the dog days of summer, temperatures rises and thermostats go down. With this comes higher electricity bills. For those trying to cut back, here are a few tips to stay cool and keep your bill lower.

Lightbulbs: Switch from incandescent bulbs to compact fluorescent light bulbs. This will impact the temperature of your room and the amount eclectic you use.

Home improvements: Simple home improvements can affect your home's temperature.

1) Insulated window films - keeps heat from coming into your home from the sun's glare.

2) Plating trees - Planting tree's strategically around your home can add shade to cool down your home.

3) Awning - Adds shade and crates a cool outdoor living area.


1) The exhaust fan in the kitchen or bathroom removes rising hot air that is produced by showering or cooking. It is recommended to use the exhaust fan only when someone is cooking or using the bathroom.

2) Box fans and ceiling fans cost less to run than AC. It is reccomanded to place your AC a few degrees higher than use fans to help cool the home. 

3) Change your ceiling fan direction: Having your ceiling fan blow forward (counter-clockwise)  forces the room air down, giving you a wind chill effect. It is recommended that you change your ceiling fan direction with the season for optimal energy consumption.

Blinds: Having your blinds, shades or curtains closed during the day can help block the sun's heat from enter

ing your home.  This is most important for windows facing south and west.

Filters: During the summer it is reccomanded that you change the filters every month. The AC working harder due to the filters add about 5% to your bill. 

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