Holiday Safety Tips

Posted on 11/25/2015

The holidays are a joyous time but it is also one of the most dangerous times of the year in regards to household fires.  On average household fires double on Christmas Day and New Year's Day. To keep your home and family safe this season, follow these safety tips.


Cooking is one of the main causes of holiday fires. They usually occur due to unattended food. With all the extra activity in your household it is easy to get distracted.

Tips: Buy a fire extinguisher that is rated for all types of fire and double check all smoke detectors. If you are cooking a deep-fry turkey, do it outside.


Keep space between candles and anything that can catch on fire. Make sure they are on a sturdy surface. Never go to bed with candles still lit or leave them unattended. Remind children to never play with candles.

Christmas Tree:

Did you know that a dry Christmas tree can be up in flames in under 30 seconds ? Recut the trunk at least two inch above the old cut as soon as you get it home. This allows it to continue to pull moisture into its foliage. It is recommended that you keep the tree well-watered and away from heat. Most trees dry up after 4 weeks no matter how much water you give it.

Christmas Lights:

Before hanging, inspect lights and throw out any damaged sets. Do not run more than three strings end to end. When hanging lights outside , use  extension cords rated for outside, use clips or hangers and take down within 90 days. Use indoor lights inside and outdoor lights outside.


Before it gets cold, have your fireplace inspected.  Only burn seasonal wood and avoid starting the fire with flammable liquids.  Block embers from reaching the floor. After Christmas, do not burn your tree in the fireplace.


No matter the time of year have a home fire escape plan ready and discuss with children how to call 911. For more information please contact your local fire department.


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