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Why Short-Term Rental Owners Need Stay Breeze and OTAs
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Why Short-Term Rental Owners Need Stay Breeze and OTAs

Stay Breeze   |   05 Oct 2020
When you are a property owner understanding the difference between an Online Travel Agency (which we will refer to as an OTA) and a Property Management Company, such as Stay Breeze, can be a challenge. Questions arise such as do I need both? Why do I need a Property Management Company and an OTA if my occupancy is full? What does an OTA do? What does a Property Management Company do? In this article we will discuss the importance of utilizing a Property Management Company such as Stay Breeze that provides direct connections to major OTA’s such as Airbnb, VRBO, BookingPal, and Expedia with instant booking options.

What is an OTA?
By definition an online travel agency is a travel-based platform that performs as a reseller on behalf of the owner. An OTA allows access to property management companies and property owners to create enhanced listings to advertise their property to affluent travelers with a commission based fee. An enhanced listing using includes a listing description, property photos, prices, policies, and amenities.

Once your listings are posted, most property management companies begin to receive requests to book. This is where your property management company will go in and approve the travelers request to stay at your property. At Stay Breeze, we are implementing Instant Booking to create ease and increase bookings but we will get into that later. Once all is approved by your property management company, the access to communicate with the quest is granted, payments will begin to be processed, and you have your unit booked.

This is where the importance of utilizing a Property Management Company comes into play. There are many different strategies behind listing your properties on multiple OTA’s to increase bookings, drive awareness to your properties, and manage all channels. With that being said, there is extra effort needed for accuracy to avoid double bookings and errors in payments. Stay Breeze will handle that for owners from start to finish. Updating your listings, managing rate changes, guest communication, and keeping your property in exceptional condition with housekeeping and maintenance from the traveler looking to booking to leaving. Did we mention that Stay Breeze sets itself apart from other property management companies by offering instant booking? Let’s learn more about the importance of Instant Booking.

What is Instant Booking?
Instant Booking is an enhancement made in Airbnb listings to allow less effort for more bookings. Sounds great, right? Enabling Instant Booking gives your listings additional protection, guest convenience, and less manual communication.

Through Instant Booking, Stay Breeze and Airbnb work together creating protection policies that the travelers need to meet prior to booking. These requirements can include a government issued ID or recommendations provided by other hosts. Taking it a step further, to instant book the guest is required to accept all house rules and regulations. If the guests chooses to not follow through with the contract, Stay Breeze has the ability to cancel the reservation with no penalties.

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