Pawleys Island Water Area Info

Drop a line, catch a wave, stroke a paddle, or just dip your toes; all easily accomplished with the breathtakingly beautiful water sources that make up Pawleys Island. Known as a quaint fishing village,Pawleys Island marshes, bays, and oceans offer some of the best fishing you will find. Grab your paddle board or kayak to take a tour of our creek and experience the perfect orange sunset over the Intercoastal Waterway. Soak in the salt air, watch the sunrise, and catch a wave on award winning beaches, known for their secluded and relaxing nature. However you choose to spend your day our water views and sport activities will make you remember what life is about. With amazing beauty at every turn you won’t find a place more scenic, unspoiled or delightful than the “Hammock Coast” better known as Pawleys Island.

"Breezy Outdoor Experiences"

"Most days in the summer months, Scott Benston can be found in one of two places: at the counter of his surf shop or on a board out on the water. While Benston, the founder of Surf the Earth, loves the time he spends at his Pawleys Island outfitter, he’d rather be outside taking in the sights, sounds, and smells of the great outdoors."

Surf the Earth - Hobcaw Tour

"In partnership with the North Inlet Estuarine Research Center this is an exclusive tour through Hobcaw Barony. Hobcaw Barony is an internationally known center for research, education and conservation. The tour starts off with a beautiful ride through Hobcaw Plantation, continuing with a spectacular paddle through one of the healthiest eco-systems on the east coast, exploring a secluded barrier island with a naturalist and a scientist. A One of a Kind Adventure!"


"The Only Beach in the World"

"By 1902 the island had grown considerably as a tourist destination and W.H. Wallace, editor of The Newberry (S.C.) Observer filed this report: “Though it is almost out of the world, Pawleys just now is lively with many clever, clever people here from various sections of the state, and everyone having a fine time. It is a free and easy sort of life, the conventionalities being laid aside for the time being. People don’t put on airs down here – indeed, they don’t put on much of anything when they go into the surf, and that is the chief occupation here.”"