Pawleys Island History

From the beginning it was clear that this town was made to bring beauty and memories to everyone who visited. Founded in 1822, Pawleys Island is one of America’s oldest seaside resorts. Situated between the Intercoastal Waterway, Atlantic Ocean, and marshlands this quaint beach town has never failed tokeep hold to its roots and small town feel. Rich with history from rice plantations to former slave homes,Huntington Beach State Park, and Brookgreen Gardens, just to name a few, this community has worked to maintain the original charm developed years ago. The town of Pawleys Island offers a historic district full of homes, churches, and resorts which have remained as is since the early 1800s. This “arrogantly shabby,” historic community is known for its Cypress Cottages, pristine beaches, and the many opportunities to experience the famous folklore. Situated in the Grand Strand between Myrtle Beach and Charleston, Pawleys has remained a peaceful, secluded gem. Pawleys Island is an unforgettable place for all those who visit proven by the generations of families that visit year after year to escape the hustle of everyday life and experience the true serenity that only Pawleys Island can offer.

" McKenzie Beach"

"As stewards of the area’s rich history and architects of the community in which we reside, we are interested in and embrace all aspects of what surrounds us. Over the years, we’ve seen beautiful hidden buildings emerge from nowhere. Relics of a past life, memories, pieces of art that are a part of, yet were concealed by, our natural landscape."  

Who is The Lachicotte Company?

"The Lachicotte Company, founded by the legendary “Doc” Lachicotte, has been in the business of renting memories and protecting assets for over 25 years. Our unmatched reputations to our customers, clients, and community is unwavering and demonstrated through every employee and every first touch interaction. Using innovative methods, a collaborative approach, and with 50+ years of Property Management and Marketing experience our team’s first priority is to protect our clients, maximize on your investment, and always strive to maintain a position on the front side of the ever evolving global, national and local industry marketing and service standards/opportunities, to better service you the “Rental Partner” and “our” vacationing guest."


"Spooky Sightings"

"The tale of the Gray Man may be the most frequently told ghost story in Georgetown County. Legend has it he patrols the beach at Pawleys Island, warning of impending hurricanes. Those who heed the warning and seek shelter always return to find their homes undamaged by the storm."